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Geological science and technology, hold up the “super Chinese eye”

Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources geology 111 Geological Brigade in the face of all the year round to fighting in the mountains and valleys of the wild environment, investment projects, site survey, site geological disaster inspection and control design and site stability monitoring, works for 22 years, to provide a solid guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project, created a new era geological people “three glorious spirit hymn.
In September 25, 2016, Guizhou Province, Pingtang county. With China’s own intellectual property rights, the world’s most sensitive, and the world’s largest 500 meter diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) is officially opened here. The radio telescope has a “super Chinese eye”, will be widely used in the field of navigation, location, space, deep space exploration, is to build a Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government of the “11th Five-Year” major national science and technology infrastructure projects, an area of 250 thousand square meters, equivalent to 30 standard football field. In theory, the radio telescope can receive electromagnetic signals about 13 billion 700 million light-years away. With the telescope project, China will remain a world class leader in the largest single aperture telescope project over the next 20~30 years. The National Academy of Sciences Chinese presided over the construction of the FAST project cycle for 22 years, providing geological science and technology selection, investigation, supervision and monitoring of the whole process of supporting service for the project construction of Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources and under the 111 geological team, to provide a solid guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project.
Karst crater built in the eye in the sky, what is natural conditions?
500 m diameter spherical radio telescope selected grams construction in the town of Wo Taipa depressions in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, mainly in the Karst natural depressions as depressions in Taiwan site, laying thousands of pieces of unit coronary refelector by light, cable dragging mechanism and parallel robot to achieve high precision positioning receiving machine, it is independent innovation of Chinese. The project takes full account of the geological environment and uses the natural Karst peak cluster depression as a platform to save manpower and material resources, and its natural conditions have been tested. Karst karst peak cluster depression is formed mainly by dissolution, showed a peak foot tower shape, cone shape, peak between the karst depression (or karst funnel) landforms combination, mainly distributed in the Guizhou plateau edge slope zone, and the river red river, Nanpanjiang, North and level tributaries on both sides, etc.. Peak cluster-depression in do “eye in the sky, because of the erosion funnel, the rain quickly run off, and dig a pit in other places, money effort not to say, a rainstorm often become a world of water. “The abundant rainfall of the super Chinese eye” Pingtang County, Karst on the local topography but with rock permeability. The natural Karst landscape here is good for drainage.

Low carbon development will stimulate the growth of related mineral demand

The World Bank recently issued a report entitled “minerals and metals will play an increasingly important role in the future of low-carbon development”. The report believes that the clean energy transformation will stimulate the growth of related minerals and metals, including aluminum, copper, lead, lithium, manganese, nickel, silver, iron and steel, zinc and rare earth minerals (indium, molybdenum and neodymium).
The signing of the Paris agreement in 2015 shows that the world has embarked on a significant development model for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One hypothesis is that the development and use of non renewable resources in the future may be reduced in the context of carbon emission constraints. The report is in the above assumptions under the framework, the key to determine the future of mineral products and to predict the reserves and yield level of worldwide metal, pays attention to the impact on developing countries with abundant resources, at the same time, blank key research and future work are proposed.
First, low carbon development will stimulate the growth of mineral demand.
The world bank and the international mining and Metals Association (ICMM) jointly to transition to a low carbon future demand for metals are analysed, using the analysis of the International Energy Agency (IEA) of the “energy outlook to meet the effect of 2 C and 4 C and 6 C global warming targets 3 scenarios of renewable energy technology deployment in 2016”. In the global warming of 6 degrees, renewable energy power generation (including hydropower and biomass) in the energy structure of the proportion from the current 14% to 18%, while the global warming of 2 degrees, as high as 44%.
The precise prediction of the demand for metals is at least determined by 2 independent variables: the determination of the international community’s successful long-term climate goals in Paris and the selected technological lines. Not only should we specify how many wind turbines, solar panels and low emission vehicles should be deployed, but also what technologies will be used for wind and solar energy, as well as what are the leading zero / low emission vehicles. For example, the 3 main forms of new energy vehicles – electric, hybrid and hydrogen, each electric car demand for the metal is not the same: electric cars need lithium; hybrid cars use lead; a hydrogen powered vehicle using platinum.
Research shows that the global warming between 4 and 2 temperatures, the demand for low carbon technology related metal demand rapidly increased. The most obvious example is the electric vehicle battery, including metal aluminum, cobalt, iron, lead, lithium, manganese and nickel, its demand in the global warming scenario in 4 degrees is relatively low, while in the 2 C global warming scenario, the demand growth rate of more than 10 times.
The requirements for related minerals are as follows:
In the global warming 2 degrees of the scene, as of 2050, total aluminum demand will exceed 80 million tons, the cumulative demand for chromium will be close to 4 million tons, the cumulative demand for cobalt is about 90 thousand tons, the cumulative demand for copper will reach 20 million tons, the cumulative demand for indium is about 25 thousand tons, the cumulative demand the lithium is about 20 million tons, the cumulative demand for neodymium will exceed 120 thousand tons.

Membrane technology, why make gold membrane become the industry veteran?”

In the just concluded recently with “responsibility and mission of green technology, ecological mining” as the theme of the 2017 Chinese international gold mining technology forum, Zhaojin film days have attracted much attention because of its strong advantage in the field of membrane technology. Membrane technology and the golden film days why so much attention? What is the emerging technology of membrane technology? What are the rich and powerful genes in the field?
Water is the source of life. Facing the shortage of water resources and serious water pollution, how to realize the zero discharge of wastewater and the recycling of water resources? Separation membrane technology, as a mature industrial technology, is showing its talents.
Some people say that membrane technology is bringing people into an era of renewal. Membrane is a material with selective separation function. Membrane separation is the process of separating, purifying and concentrating the different components of the liquid by selective separation of the membrane. Membrane is the core of membrane technology. The properties and chemical structure of membrane materials play a decisive role in membrane separation. At present, membrane technology, as a new separation technology, has been widely used in gas separation, material separation and water treatment, in which the demand for membrane products is the largest in water treatment field.
In the field of water treatment, membrane separation technology with its high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple process, convenient operation, no pollution, easy amplification, combined with other technology integration and other advantages, to promote industrial development, improve the living environment of mankind, to improve the quality of life of the people of common technology, replacing the various traditional water treatment methods, become in twenty-first Century the mainstream water treatment mode.
According to China Film Industry Association statistics, in recent years, China’s membrane separation market has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 25%, membrane technology, water treatment market growth in space is enormous. According to market analysis and prediction, the next 10 years, China’s membrane water treatment market will be 40% annual growth rate of rapid development, membrane manufacturing industry annual growth rate will be more than 20%, much higher than the international level. The application of water treatment accounts for about 85% of the domestic membrane separation market, and the individual processing capacity has reached 50 thousand to 100 thousand cubic meters / day, and the amount of the individual project contract is over 100 million yuan.
It can be said that as a strategic emerging industry, membrane technology is playing an increasingly important role in energy saving, environmental protection, petroleum and chemical, coal chemical, energy and other fields. The scale of engineering application of ultrafiltration and microfiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technology in energy and power, non-ferrous metallurgy, desalination, water treatment, water reuse and other areas to expand rapidly, a large membrane water supply project, the landmark wastewater reuse project and desalination projects have been completed.
The development of membrane technology is the result of both market demand and industrial policy. In China vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, the current industrial economy to adjust the structure to the way the industrial separation membrane are also some new features: film industry development to the low cost and high performance, green direction; membrane technology for drinking water safety, reduce environmental pollution was significantly increased; membrane technology to upgrade energy saving and emission reduction, the industrial structure is becoming more and more obvious role in promoting the rapid development of the market; the membrane material, and downstream industries more closely.

2017 China coal prices 50 and 50 announced

China Coal Industry Association recently by enterprise 2016 annual operating income as standard, discharged 2017 of China’s coal enterprises 50, according to enterprise 2016 annual coal output as standard, discharged the coal output 50 strong. Compared with the previous year, the finalists of the 50 strong enterprises showed the following characteristics:
First, a substantial increase in the threshold of entry, total revenue remained stable. 2017, China’s coal enterprises 50 finalists threshold was 5 billion 69 million yuan, an increase of 1 billion 815 million yuan over the previous year, a substantial increase in the threshold of finalists. 50, the total operating income of 2 trillion and 980 billion yuan, down 0.03% over the previous year. Operating income of more than 100 billion yuan enterprises reached 13, unchanged from the previous year.
Two is the total decline in coal production, coal revenue rose steadily. 2017, the top 50 coal enterprises in China completed 22.44 tons of coal output, down 9.38%, accounting for 66.71% of the national coal output. 50 enterprises completed a total of 860 billion 500 million yuan of coal revenue, an increase of 17.95% over the previous year.
Three is the overall realization of profitability, the total tax is basically flat. 2017, China’s coal enterprises top 50 total net profit of 8 billion 462 million yuan, an increase of 34 billion 933 million yuan, to achieve profitability. 2017, China’s top 50 coal enterprises, the total tax paid 173 billion 339 million yuan, an increase of 1 billion 602 million yuan over the previous year’s 50, accounting for 5.81% of revenue.
Four is the first 10 enterprises, the main role of prominent, 9 companies unveiled the world’s top 500. Shenhua Group to 247 billion 900 million yuan revenue to occupy the first place, Jizhong energy group to 221 billion 700 million yuan revenue ranked second, Shaanxi coal chemical group to 212 billion 100 million yuan revenue ranked third. The top 10 companies, assets, income yield were 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, 3 trillion and 190 billion yuan, 12.46 tons, accounted for 50 of the 62.03% companies, 54.86% and 55.52% respectively over the previous year increased by 6.85 percentage points, 8.03 percentage points and 9.46 percentage points, main role.
Chinese Coal Industry Association said, in the face of the new economic development environment, the coal industry should adhere to promote the coal supply side structural reform as the main line, around the concept of innovation, mode transformation, power conversion, focus on key issues, in-depth study of the development of the coal industry reform, establish new ideas, explore new ideas and new ways to promote the safety of coal. Intelligent and efficient intensive mining and clean utilization, promote the healthy development of the coal industry.

The country has more than 9.5 mining rights, the completion of information publicity

Recently, human exploration and exploitation of mining information publicity work forum held in Anhui city in Hefei Province, 16 provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang (District) administrative department of land and resources on human exploration and exploitation of mining information publicity work in progress at the meeting. The meeting revealed that human exploration and exploitation of mining information publicity has made significant progress, at present, the country has completed more than 2.5 public information prospecting and mining rights information publicity more than 70 thousand, on-site verification of the random exploration project 581, 1408 mines, 935 special inspection, part of the provinces will result for departmental information publicity credit discipline.
It is understood that promoting human exploration and exploitation of mining information publicity work is a significant change in management of mineral resources supervision in our country, the publicity work to carry out a pilot in 2016, 2017 in the country to fully open, the provinces generally in accordance with the principle of “double random open” to start the on-the-spot inspections.
On how to do the mining rights of mining information publicity work in the next step, the exploration of the meeting pointed out, should attach great importance to strengthen the organization and leadership, fully grasp the work, the completion of this task; to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided; to improve the system, standardize the work; to lay a solid foundation, team cohesion, improve the method to check; to optimize the service, improve the function of information system; to strengthen the publicity, create atmosphere; to strengthen policy research, application of good planning publicity information product, the information publicity work and incentive and punitive measures to better use, make the work more active.

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